Recommended: Imago Mortis

‘Bring Out Your Dead’ by Imago Mortis

Epic, keyboard-laden doom from Brazil


30-SECOND REVIEW: The Gates Of Slumber

‘Stormcrow EP’
Scion AV, 2013
After a decade of doom, The Gates Of Slumber went out on a high… or should that be a low? Having split up just months after the release of this five-track EP, they can be proud of what proved to be their swansong (available free from Toyota marketeers Scion). Slower and more morose than some of their previous work, Stormcrow doesn’t re-invent the Saint Vitus/Count Raven wheel but is powerful, tight and expertly constructed. During the final, misery-inducing song ‘Of That Which Can Never Be’, Karl Simon sings: “I’ve lost the will, I’ve had my fill…” RIP, TGOS.

Doom Art: the search is on

George Inness, The Valley of the Shadow of Death
DoomMetalHeaven is looking for great paintings that would make inspirational doom album artwork. Above is George Inness’s The Valley of The Shadow Of Death (1867) and below are a few more. Any suggestions?

Kazuya Akimoto, Black Gate
Black Gate, from the 2004 ‘Black Painting’ series by Japanese expressionist Kazuya Akimoto

Ralph Hotere, Red On Black
Black Painting (1968), by Maori-born New Zealand artist Ralph Hotere, who recently passed away

Robert Motherwell, Iberia 18
Iberia 18, a 1958 work by Robert Motherwell, part of the ‘New York School’ with Jackson Pollock

Rembrandt, Philosopher In Meditation
Philosopher In Meditation, by some guy called Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, dated 1632

30-SECOND REVIEW: Age Of Taurus

‘Desperate Souls of Tortured Times’
Rise Above Records / Metal Blade Records, 2013
Intelligent, enthralling epic doom. This British band’s rich tones are reminiscent of Candlemass, but a shuddering bass and NWOBHM vibe give them a distinctive personality. Beautifully crafted songs, towering riffs and clean, almost delicate vocals (which soar during regal choruses) combine to make this an understated modern classic.