Welsh dragons Sigiriya are heading back into the studio to begin work on their follow-up to the mighty ‘Return To Earth’ (below). “This is a new dawn for Sigiriya,” bassist Mead told DoomMetalHeaven.

“We enter the studio on 28 October to record album No.2, the first with our new vocalist Matt. The new tracks are pushing forward our agenda of positive heaviness and furthering our notion of combining classic rock songwriting with heavy sounds.”

Sigiriya – featuring ex-Acrimony members Stu, Darren and Mead – will be recording with Tim Hammill at the Sonic-One Studio in Swansea (Wales) before sending their creations to the hotbed of doom metal that is Boston, Massachusetts to be mixed by Brooklyn’s Andrew Schneider.

EXCLUSIVE! Sigiriya will be sending exclusive studio photos to DoomMetalHeaven while they record their new album. Come back soon for new posts!

Mead-Sigiriya Sigiriya-ReturnToEarth

Re-live Sigiriya’s amazing ‘Deathtrip To Eryri’ here:



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