STONE DAGGER: New demo from ex-hardcore legend


Stone Dagger is the latest project from Brendan Radigan, who made his name at the heart of Boston’s hardcore punk scene but who has recently turned his attentions towards the doomier end of the metal market. ‘The Siege Of Jerusalem’, the band’s new two-track demo tape, is further evidence that he’s chosen the right path.

Earlier this year, Radigan’s distinctive and hugely expressive voice (which is reminiscent of Eric Wagner… or maybe Robert Plant) was unleashed upon an unsuspecting new audience through Magic Circle, a doom metal band formed of four US hardcore veterans. Their excellent self-titled debut album was a revelation, jam-packed with ideas and ingrained with a compelling ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ vibe. Above all, Radigan’s high-octane, raucous vocals stood out. Who knew that they guy who did this could also do this!

Radigan’s new band, Stone Dagger, also touch upon Black Sabbath, but the music is much more rooted in the 1980’s than anything from the previous decade. ‘The Siege of Jerusalem’ is glorious, doomified epic metal that doesn’t really sound like anyone else – which is quite an achievement in itself. Imagine Cirith Ungol and Manowar had a baby, made it listen to Iron Maiden and Trouble until it was old enough to walk, and then kicked it out onto the streets to fend for itself. That baby is Stone Dagger, and it’s hungry as hell.

We want to hear more from Stone Dagger, a new metal band with a potent mix of power and originality. Definitely one to watch out for in 2014, especially if they choose to focus on the doomier stuff. But then, we would say that.

Listen to ‘The Siege Of Jerusalem’ here:



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