Top 10 Doom Metal Albums Of 2013

  1. As Autumn Calls – ‘Cold, Black & Everlasting’
  2. Age of Taurus – ‘Desperate Souls of Tortured Times’
  3. Hamferd – ‘Evst’
  4. Funeral Circle – ‘Funeral Circle’
  5. SubRosa – ‘More Constant Than The Gods’
  6. Demon Lung – ‘The Hundredth Name’
  7. Beelzefuzz – ‘Beelzefuzz’
  8. Aeon Aphelion – ‘Visions Of Burning Aeons’
  9. Avatarium – ‘Avatarium’
  10. Lycus – ‘Tempest’

In 2013 we also enjoyed great albums from: Jex Thoth, Magic Circle, 71TONMAN, Blood Ceremony, Procession, Queen Elephantine, Windhand, Tombstones, Hypnos, Goatess, Cathedral


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