Grand Magus 'Triumph And Power'

Grand Magus ‘Triumph And Power’

‘Triumph And Power’
Nuclear Blast, 31 Jan 2014

It’s always worth checking out Grand Magus, a band formed in the mid-1990’s with its roots in iron-clad power-doom. Almost two decades later, the appropriately-titled ‘Triumph And Power’ is the seventh album from the Swedish riff maestros, and, while there’s not much Doom Metal on offer this time around, it kicks off in suitably epic style with ‘On Hooves Of Gold’.

Grand Magus are undoubtedly a band at the top of their game, following the commercial success of 2012’s ‘The Hunt’. The new album continues the trio’s enduring passion for big, Deep Purple-inspired hooks and unapologetic old-school metal-ness. Singer/guitarist JB is again centre-stage, delivering a typically high-quality performance on what is an extremely consistent and thoroughly enjoyable album.

There are few surprises on offer: songs alternate between chugging and galloping, with a number of spectacularly memorable choruses thrown in. Not that these are simplistic, three-minute radio-friendly numbers. There are plenty of muscular Viking stylings and Manowar-ish “hails”, and even some Swedish folky influences, but essentially this is a balls-out Heavy Metal album of the highest order.

In recent years, Grand Magus have perfected the art of writing ‘classic’ metal that doesn’t sound like it’s stuck in the past. ‘Triumph And Power’ continues their journey to rock immortality with a great deal of skill and craft. They will be heading on tour with Nuclear Blast label-mates The Vintage Caravan (also riding the crest of a wave following the great response to their new album ‘Voyage’) in the spring.


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