ALBUM REVIEW: Wizard Union

Wizard Union

Wizard Union

‘Smoking Coffins’
(January 2014)

This punchy EP from the Michigan trio (three friends who really, really like wizards) consists of six stomping stoner ditties played with a sense of smoke-wreathed abandon and fuzzed-out fun. These are muscular, powerful songs that do not outstay their welcome, despite often being played at a sludgy pace. The longest of them is just four and a half minutes, ensuring that ‘Smoking Coffins’ whizzes by in a distortion-drenched blur. The shouty vocals stop just short of furious, allowing the fun to shine through.

The EP’s opening track, ‘Into The Wizard’s Sleeve’, is a bit like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. Funny, lovable, a bit dumb, and heavy as a horse in a suit of armour. There are elements of Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Sleep running through, but Wizard Union manage to put their own stamp on the stoner blueprint. ‘Beyond This World’, with its Kyuss edge, is another highlight, but the most memorable track is ‘Thoth Amon’ – you can imagine these songs (in fact, all of the songs on this EP) raising the roof in a live environment.

These three wizards play to their strengths and excel within their own limitations. Their straightforward chainsaw riffs and hollered choruses make for a tried-and-tested formula, but not all bands can do it with such energy and gusto. Welcome to the Union.


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