‘A Etilla’
Solitude Productions, January 2014

Masters of their dark art, the secretive Ea create captivating funeral doom metal, resplendent with beautiful choral arrangements and oppressively lachrymose atmospheres. ‘A Etilla’ is one gigantic song, 49 minutes long, but such is the band’s skill that it never gets anywhere near dull.

The singer’s ruined throat cries of ruined landscapes and faded glory, taking you on a journey of sorrow and passion. With lyrical themes based on sacred texts from ancient civilisations, sung in a long-dead language derived from archaeological studies, it is abundantly evident that Ea take what they do very seriously.

This is similarly apparent in the way they have crafted this colossally long composition into a many-layered whole that maintains the listener’s attention more effectively than any three-minute pop ditty. Be prepared to lose the best part of an hour of your day once you hit ‘Play’ and it will be time very well spent.

For reasons unknown, the members of Ea prefer to keep their identities hidden, although it is often presumed that the band is Russian, considering it is handled by Russian label Solitude Productions. Maybe Vladimir Putin himself plays the drums. Nothing would surprise us about good old Vlad. Whatever country these guys reside in, they are producing some of the world’s finest funeral doom at the moment, and ‘A Etilla’ is a shining example of what this kind of super-gloomy music can achieve.


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