BARABBAS: New album coming soon!

Parisian doom evangelists Barabbas will be recording their eagerly-anticipated first full-length album this spring. The charismatic French band promise “refined stoner doom” that is “dynamic and overwhelming”.

To whet our appetites, Barabbas have launched a Bandcamp page where you can find their rather excellent 2011 EP ‘Liberez BARABBAS!’ as a Name Your Price affair. A bargain on a Biblical scale!



It’s a strong and forceful stoner romp, with elements of Entombed-ish doom’n’roll as well as the subtle groove of The Obsessed and the punchiness of Corrosion Of Confirmity or High On Fire. Fun and inventive rather than progressive, Barabbas demonstrate a sense of untethered pleasure within the genre of misery. Fuzzily raucous riffs swirl and thunder, accompanied by quietly epic choirs and organs. The vocals are in French, but c’est la vie. It is impossible to not enjoy this EP! Can’t wait to hear the new stuff later in the year.


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