Self-released EP, February 2014

This three-track EP from Helsinki’s Dö will leave a gigantic footprint on your day.  The booze-soaked Finnish trio claim that their malevolent goal is world Dömination and this is a great first step on that journey.

With their slow, simple style and distinctive, vibrant tones, Dö put their own, fresh stamp on the two staples of doom metal – Slow and Heavy.

They have created three intelligently-structured songs, each of which stretches to around ten minutes without recycling itself into oblivion. Set against their crushing, primitive stoner-tinged riffs are the hoarse, thrashy vocals of singer/bass player Deaf Hank.

Often reminiscent of  Quorthon or Tom Warrior, Hank’s wrath offers an unusual juxtaposition against the band’s plaintive guitars. At times, the sound is like a blissed-out version of Earthride.

This EP is really all about the first song. Yes, the second song is great, showcasing guitarist Big Dog’s sweet, honey-drenched tones in unison with that Celtic Frost-style rasp. However, the track hangs off a slightly predictable (but still enjoyable) stoner hook.

And yes, the third song is a winding epic, charging like a wild horse and revealing Dö’s natural knack for a snarling groove. It’s driven on by a delicious NWOBHM bass-line and features some fearless, soaring guitar solos.

But the real star of the show is the opening track, G.O.D. Not only is this the most original composition of the three, but it is also where the band’s personality seems at its strongest and most natural. The guitars quiver like a heat haze, the words hang in the air with a bell-like resonance.

So slow, so simple, so… awesome! It is invigorating to hear a young band subtly reinventing the doom metal sound with such apparent ease, but that’s what Dö do on this track. It’s the kind of song that you’ll need to listen to a few times before your appetite for great doom metal is satisfied. And then listen to it again, just for the hell of it.

Check it out here, and be impressed:



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