April Weeps

‘Outer Calm, Pain Within’ (2013)

Creating powerful, atmospheric doom-laden death metal, Slovakia’s April Weeps is a young band that has kept going despite a rather tumultuous history of line-up changes. Featuring excellent musicianship – especially the impressively creative and distinctive keyboard work – April Weeps are thrillingly symphonic one moment and, the next, tumbling into a black pit of misery – such as on ‘Faded Memory’. This is sweeping gothic melodrama that will make your ears bleed.

Things can get slightly frantic in places, as if the band lacks the patience to settle on one idea before moving onto the next, and the result is that an album which could have been both brutal and beautiful sometimes ends up being neither. April Weeps boasts two singers – one growling male, one soaring female – and it is when they work in unison that the band’s sound is the strongest, such as on the crushing ‘Waiting For The Sun’.

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