‘Death By Burning’
Svart Records, February 2014

Suddenly, the world slows to a crawl and life’s spotlight focuses in just one place. Mantar’s stunning debut album, ‘Death By Burning’, is one of those albums that instantly grabs your absolute attention and keeps you slack-jawed and engrossed from start to finish.

Merging doom metal with punk and black metal, this energetically sinister duo from Hamburg make a quite astonishing noise. Featuring ‘only’ the strained screams and low-end blasts of vocalist/guitarist Hanno Klanhardt as well as the apocalyptic drumming of Erinc Sakarya, it seems that the bass guitar is forever redundant considering the rich, hot tones that this German/Turkish two-piece are capable of creating.

Once you have recovered from that raw, skin-tingling sensation of discovering something truly original and inspired, you can enjoy 40-plus minutes of crusty, groovy, sludgy, sickly, malevolent brilliance. Mantar are at once beautiful and ugly, both wild and fiercely controlled. Not a single note is wasted on this trimmed, muscular monster, which switches from lumbering to furious with the recklessness of a drunken bear.

While the Melvins and Darkthrone have clearly been influential in the musical schooling of this dangerous duo, there are traces of a myriad other bands. The Obsessed, Motorhead, Possessed, Asphyx, Kreator, Prong, Entombed, Cerebral Fix – every listener will find their own wonderful touch-points without ever being able to accuse Mantar of being at all derivative.

Svart Records have a huge job on their hands handling this beast – Mantar are creating a massive buzz with ‘Death By Burning’ and will be taking their utterly unique brand of doomed metal on the road very soon. All of life has been poured into this album, making it a very special, compelling record – a must-have for 2014.



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