INTERVIEW: Vestal Claret

vestal claret 10

Ahead of the 2 May release of Vestal Claret’s hugely enjoyable ‘The Cult Of Vestal Claret’ album on Cruz Del Sur Music, guitarist/bassist Simon Tuozzoli (above, right), who writes most of the band’s mid-70’s Sabbath-infused music, spoke to DoomMetalHeaven…

How would you describe Vestal Claret?
Vestal Claret is occult metal from New England.

How is Vestal Claret different to Seamount and Hour of 13?
Vestal Claret is much darker than Seamount, more obscure than Hour of 13. Phil Swanson ties all three bands together on the vocal front, but the music is coming from three different guys.

What are your plans for the band?
We haven’t talked about it. We’re extremely laid back. If something comes up, we talk about it and decide.

There’s some dark stuff lyrically – why did you want to tackle this? Why the interest in the occult?
Phil grew up in a time where there was a lot of stories about Satanic cults snatching children. He wanted to create a band that was based upon those stories and the mayhem they brought.

How much of the lyrical content is based on real-life experience?
Some of it is based off true stories. The rest I’ll leave to your imagination.

What depresses you?
When work is slow. I run an underground recording studio.

What cheers you up? 
When the work comes in.

What’s the greatest Sabbath song? 
That really depends on the day. But, most days, it’s ‘Spiral Architect’.

Which bands – from any era – would you love to tour with?
Iron Maiden. I’ve heard they are easy to get along with and they would grant us great exposure.

How healthy is the doom scene where you are? 
There is not much doom in Connecticut. The local metal scene is more like the hardcore type of metal. Unfortunately I don’t listen to much, I feel it clouds my writing skills. No disrespect to other composers.

Thanks Simon. Good luck with the new album. 
You’re welcome, thank you.


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