ROUND-UP: Cold Colours, Greg(o)rian, Servants Of The Mist (all EPs)

cold colours

19 May 2014
Playing death-doom with gothic touches, Cold Colours churn out dark, sinister riffs that interweave with raw, slightly blackened vocals. This EP gets better as it progresses. The opening song, ‘Heathen’ is a little hesitant and flat, but is followed by ‘From This Pain’ which reveals the band’s more epic-sounding, catchy side, a little like a disappointed version of In Flames. Best of all, though, is the third and final track, ‘Terminal Winter’ – here, the band turn to one of doom metal’s fail-proof ‘secret’ weapons, the colossal church bell, and they show a great appreciation of what makes a great, Paradise Lost-style song. ‘MMXIV’ is not inspirational, but it’s far from dull.


‘Utter Condemnation’ EP
18 April 2014
This supremely grim doom-sludge trio from London was formed in 2009 and, after a three-year absence, will soon be releasing a new album. As a teaser, this 24-minute single-track EP provides a journey into a world of creeping nightmares. The miserable shrieks and groans of joint singers Iain Stannet and Tom Mullen echo over slow, insistent, understated guitars, while by comparison, new drummer Chris Drew seems almost too cheerful in the way he plays. Those sickly, hypnotising guitars drag you into the maelstrom, following paths previously walked by the likes of Sunn O))), Moss and Sleep. It’s not overwhelmingly heavy, but it will certainly drag you down into a deep, dark hole. Relentless.

servants of the mist

‘Gross Knowledge Of Genital Mutilation’ EP
24 June 2014
This band from Tampa, Florida has created a four-track EP of unpleasant, challenging, bitter, stop-start sludge that seems determined to shock and appall, with its focus on sexual fantasy and suicide. The wild, screaming vocals make you want to run away and cuddle a puppy, while the filthy guitar tones and shuddering bass work well together to create a blistering, and blustering, wall of sickening cacophony. In the middle of it all, ‘Commit Suicide’ is an uptempo Type O Negative-style romp designed to counterbalance the bleakness. Servants Of The Mist’s gloriously nihilistic anger and fierce riffs will stop you in your tracks, for a few minutes at least. Once the shock wears off, you might find yourself going back for more.


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