ALBUM REVIEW: Beneath The Storm

Beneath the storm

‘Evil Reflection’
Argonauta Records, June 2014

This follow-up to 2013’s ‘Temple Of Doom’ features six tracks of grindingly horrible funeral doom that sometimes veers into blissful bleakness. With a song called ‘Frozen’, this could not be further away from Disney’s recent sugar-coated kids movie.

The one-man band of Slovenia’s Igor Simon, Beneath The Storm creates a rich and textured sound, with slow, horrendous riffs complemented by a low growl that is sometimes barely audible through the six-stringed wall of pain.

The sinister vocals, coupled with curious, echoing drums that sound like The Eurythmics suffering from the worst hangover in history, give ‘Evil Reflection’ a strange winning charisma.

However, the simple, sludgy ideas start to become a little predictable in places, as does the over-reliance on samples of dialogue from old horror flicks. There are plenty of grimly enjoyable moments to be found though, with ‘Silent Exhale’ being one of the standout tracks on a dark and powerful album that starts off as miserable as Hell and goes downhill from there!



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