ALBUM REVIEW: Disappearer


June 2014

Dreamy post-rock delivered with attitude and invention, this work from Lisbon’s Pedro Coelho Pereira has been described as ‘doomgaze’. But does it work? Well, yes it does, but only if you’re OK with a kind of gentle gloominess in place of massive corpse-shaking riffs or crushing guitars. This could appeal to a broad spectrum of fans, from Pink Floyd, Burzum or Sigur Ros lovers to fans of Jex Thoth or Pilgrim.

It’s pretty exciting when the rusty, distorted guitar kicks in on ‘Dog From Hell’, but generally the album restricts itself to gentler tones that glimmer like sunlight on water, as well as bleak discordant keys, determined drums and a bass that flits between Bob Daisley and NWA. Occasionally an otherworldly voice floats by and then disappears – like any dream this is random and sometimes frustrating.

Some of the song titles sound like Helloween but there are no grinning pumpkins here, just lo-fi beauty and slow, simple songs, like memories of happier times. Some of the ideas are allowed to turn stale and the bass becomes repetitive at times, but this is a collection of tunes as tender as they are sinister.


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