ALBUM REVIEW: Weeping, Kneeling

Weeping, Kneeling

‘Blood Of Ritual’
July 2014

Weeping, Kneeling’s ferociously minimalist approach creates sparse, unforgiving compositions that suck the colour from your surroundings and make everything seem grey and futile. “You are alone,” say the Connecticut, USA outfit. “You are dying. There is no truth but the pain you feel.”

This is blackened drone mixed with slow doom and nightmare-inducing noise and it leaves you cold. If you’ve ever wanted to lie in the snow and discover what it feels like to slowly freeze to death, just listen to this.

Not all of this slow hour-long album is as profound as the band seem to believe, however. There are periods when there’s literally nothing happening. Experimental? Experiential? Or just plain inexplicable? A little bit of each.

Weeping, Kneeling have created an intense album that lacks personality in some areas, but is overwhelmingly impressive in its ability to ruin your day. ‘Blood Of Ritual’ is pure, unmitigated misery and that’s pretty difficult to enjoy.



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