‘To The Estimated Size Of The Universe’
Self-released, July 2014

You don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to estimate that the size of the universe is in fact Very Very Big. And you don’t have to be ancient Greek boffin Pythagoras to comprehend that CRAANG are filling that universe with skull-splintering fuzzy stoner rock riffs!

From the opening moments, it is very evident why Pythagoras’s fellow countrymen have called their band CRAANG – it’s the shuddering sound that their guitars make. And, unlike the flimsy rock magazine that bears a similar monicker, this Greek trio delivers a mix of decidedly slow, uncool psychedelia and balls-out heavy metal attitude. It’s a cosmic creation of fun, rocky heaviness.

This is a spaced-out journey to another galaxy, on-board a slightly rusty spaceship with dirty rocket fuel spraying from its engines. A stoner adventure consisting of four long-ish songs, this self-released album blasts off at full volume with the big-riff-focused ‘Slo Forward Jam’. Some parts are a little too simplistic in their repetition, but, as with the rest of the album, there are moments of interstellar excitement amongst the solid stoner fare.

The song ‘Butterfly’ features almost otherworldly vocals, not quite quality enough to be classed as beautiful, but certainly dreamy and epic. Then, ‘Magnolia’ adds some further complexity into the riffing, while maintaining the album’s loud, clattering momentum, and ending with a delicately creepy space-trip.

The final track, ‘The Meteorian’, ends this flight between the stars on a massive stoner vibe. It is slow, patient and timeless (just like the universe itself – deep stuff, man!) and there are some very pretty special effects hidden in the middle section before the song explodes into a Hawkwind-esque finale.

CRAANG will take you on a very enjoyable journey of exploration to the outer reaches of the universe and the innermost secrets of your mind. Their mission – should you choose to accept it –  seems to be to find inner peace by making as much stoner rock noise as they possibly can! Strap yourself in and get ready for launch.


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