Doomlord Almas Malditas

‘Almas Malditas’
Emanes Metal Records (July 2014)

This is one of the most exciting releases of the year so far. Immensely heavy and yet stunningly melodic, Doomlord have found an almost perfect balance. Formed in 2011, the band from Puerto Rico breathe new life into the epic doom genre, adding a fresh and modern edge to the classic sound.

Inspired by Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, Doomlord are one of numerous bands re-energising the style created by great bands such as Candlemass. And while the likes of Funeral Circle and Below have released great albums recently, Doomlord have the potential to be the best of them all. Such an audacious band name comes with a degree of pressure, but this talented five-piece live up to the expectations; Doomlord are the new contenders for the epic doom metal crown.

‘Almas Malditas’ is one half of a split album with Chile’s King Heavy, a limited edition release that was part of the band’s deal with French label Emanes Metal Records. These four, Spanish-language tracks showcase Doomlord’s ability to create an effortless and confident classic metal vibe, and instill it with glorious melody and deep, searing emotion, merging Ronnie Jame Dio-era Sabbath with Solitude Aeturnus at their finest.

Much of the music’s success comes from the rich and subtly heavy tones of guitarists Pedro Candelaria and Kevin ‘Caveman’ Rosado. That is not to forget the vital input of Athelknatch Soldat, whose bass is a rumbling volcano, nor of excellent drummer Joshua Lopez, who provides an understated and complementary addition to the band’s rounded sound.

And then comes Dark Nerudas, the singer and band leader, whose distinctive, powerful clean vocals carry the songs to a whole new level. His triumphant, soaring voice marks out Doomlord as something special.

In an ideal world, Doomlord could slow down by a handful of BPM as sometimes the songs feel a little hurried, perhaps as they let their hidden power metal tendencies get the better of them. They could also tighten up in a few places; one or two of their transitions could be smoother and the big choruses could be given more space to breath, in the vein of their excellent ‘Falso Dios’. It will be fascinating to observe how these elements develop as the band’s songwriting continues to mature in the coming years.

Fortunately, we do not have long to wait until their next release. The only thing more exciting than this album, in fact, is the revelation that Doomlord will be releasing a new, English-language album later in 2014. And then, hopefully, a DVD! Thank you, Emanes! Excellent news for those who love their doom metal epic.

A new power has arrived, and it is called Doomlord.


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