REVIEW: Jupiterian ‘Archaic’ (EP)


Released: July 2014

Io, one of Jupiter’s moons, is a harsh and violent place. With more than 400 volcanoes, it is the solar system’s most geologically active place. These volcanoes send towers of sulphur hundreds of miles upwards, and torrents of black lava scar the moon’s surface. Io has a core of molten iron and mountains that are taller than Everest. Disneyworld it is not.

And it is here, on this terrifying celestial body, where you’ll currently find Brazilian band Jupiterian, on the latest leg of their intergalactic tour. Amps blasting, vocals roaring, this South American four-piece do not care that the poisonous atmosphere destroys their lungs and the lava melts their kit. They’re on a mission. Delivering sludgy death-doom of supernova magnitude, Jupiterian’s debut EP ‘Archaic’ is a relentlessly slow, heavy offering that is as vast and bleak as the changeless visage of space.

From the spine-chilling tones of the opening moments, it is clear that this three-track EP is going to be about immense power. The guitars are a slow muscular rumble, while the growled vocals from singer  ‘V’ are the sound of imminent destruction from underground. And amid the crawling, molten flow, there are a few idiosyncratic twists.

The spacey violins on the title-track (courtesy of Gnaw Their Tongues’ Moires) and the unusual, suspenseful riff that runs through the ten-minute-long third track ‘Currents Of Io’ are examples of Jupiterian at their best, willing and able to go the extra mile to create something new. The band could perhaps extend this attitude in order to bolster one or two of the less compelling sections, where thundering repetition is the order of the day.

Jupiterian are able to mould their ferocious power into well-structured and interesting arrangements as they set off on a domed journey to the most dangerous reaches of the solar system. If you’re travelling with them – and it’s highly recommended that you do – be prepared to face the darkness.


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