ALBUM REVIEW: Cosmic Plunge ‘Wanderers On The Face Of The Earth’

Cosmic Plunge

‘Wanderers On The Face Of The Earth’
(Released November 2014)

A note to all Promoters, Venues and Doom Fans: Beware!

When groovy Greek stoner leviathans Cosmic Plunge play live, the ground will shake and buildings might collapse. Look what happened at their previous show…

You've Been Plunged

This band from Crete create riffs of immense proportions and play them with strings so low you could use their guitars as skipping ropes. ‘Wanderers On The Face Of The Earth’ consists of seven monstrous tracks of joyous, effortless, rumbling stoner majesty taken from the vault marked “timeless”.

It’s an album of slow, enjoyable Sabbathian groove; in fact, this is probably what Geezer Butler’s dreams sound like. The songwriting is, like the tunes themselves, solid as an ox, and despite the generally pedestrian pace, the album charges along with a resolute energy that is expertly controlled and focused throughout, despite its title.

The bassist calls himself ‘Fucking Wizard’, so it’s probably wise not to spend too much time with him. However, the bone-snapping, atomic-bomb power emanating from his four-stringed doom machine is integral to the ferocious heaviness of the band.

In a genre where Tone is king (guitar tone, that is, not Mr Iommi), twiddling the knobs on your amps to find a killer combination can be half the battle won. Cosmic Plunge have created a winning sound that, while not exactly original, is catastrophically heavy to the point of ecstasy.

It’s not all about knobs, of course. Vocals come from the more sensibly-monickered ‘Jim’, whose singing is original and idiosyncratic, although some of his stylings become a tiny bit repetitive as the album wears on. There are also some beautifully insane lyrics to behold: “Doom, the ship was called. Mad sailors who sail to the edge of the world. There’s a witch weaving alone. Evil mermaid will rest your soul.”

Cosmic Plunge possess all the tools for the creation of thundering, lumbering doom, although they rarely push themselves very far from the basic template. It’s an approach that results in a hugely consistent release which is generally safe and unchallenging – it would be great to see what these guys can do when they really spread their wings.

While they remain primarily guided by the rusty train tracks of classic stoner doom, Cosmic Plunge throw around more than a few new ideas to keep things interesting. ‘Wanderers On The Face Of The Earth’ is a great addition to the stoner hall of fame, keeping the flame burning with unerring faith, passion and enough power to flatten the Parthenon.


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