REVIEW: Apneica ‘Pulsazioni… Conversione’ (EP)


‘Pulsazioni… Conversione’
(Released August 2014)

Italians Apneica concoct a unique brand of experimental, death-doom tinged melancholy. Amidst the grey clouds of jangling guitar tones and gently caressed cymbals, wild flashes of colour appear from nowhere, and black thunder explodes. ‘Pulsazioni… Conversione’ depicts an incongruous combination of meandering doom-rock and floor-cracking ferocity. Extreme-Lite is a very difficult trick to pull off, but Apneica make a worthy effort.

Apneica is the brainchild of Alessandro Seghene, whose screaming vocals are countered impressively with gently melodic Italian-language clean singing. There are numerous transitions between the two sides of the band’s personality, but they are not always smooth. In fact, the sudden changes of emotional direction are so frequent that they quickly become unsurprising.

The song structures and arrangements could be better-managed to allow the undoubted creativity a more secure platform upon which to shine. Too often, the band’s impulsive approach to songwriting is a distraction – too many changes, not enough direction.

This four-song debut EP was recorded in Sardinia, mixed in Sweden and is now baffling / enthralling heavy music fans the world over. It is effervescent and energised, but its volatility never quite spills into something dangerous. Though not especially heavy, there is a pleasing depth and inventiveness to the music, though – particularly on ‘In Orbita’, the most complete and satisfying track on offer, and one which is guaranteed to get heads nodding.

‘Pulsazioni… Conversione’ is an intriguing release that flashes between a myriad emotions to create an atmosphere of bewilderment and frustration.


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