REVIEW: Schweinsteiger (Self-titled EP)


Self-titled EP
Released: November 2014

This is sludgy, crawling, puked-up doom metal from Eindhoven, Holland, with hints of black metal in the vocal delivery and a shades of slow, old-school death in the chugging guitars.

Schweinsteiger are stylish and compelling, but too often the three songs on this EP rely on those familiar tactics of ‘sustain’ and ‘repeat’. They are undeniably and furiously bleak, but are not engaging enough to take the listener along for a fully-immersive ride into the soul of the songwriters.

The final track, ‘Waterbound’, is the most consistent and powerful of the three, rising and falling with admirable control, before reaching a simple but synapse-snapping finale.

The choice of Schweinsteiger as a band name is intriguing. The swaggering soccer star Bastian Schweinsteiger plays for Holland’s bitterest rivals Germany, suggesting a rather hateful and anguished frame of mind from this Dutch outfit.

The world champion midfield player is not known for his pace (a perfect match for this kind of music), but he has the intelligence, skill and elegance to thrive at the highest level of the sport. The band that shares his name is not quite of the same class, but they show glimpses of a winning mentality. They are perhaps more of a Per Mertesacker (Germany/Arsenal FC defender). He is big and powerful, but takes an aeon to change direction.

This self-titled EP from the Dutch band creates a solid but unspectacular framework of slowly rotting doom metal. If they are to emulate their decorated namesake, they might need to show a little more self-belief and push their creative abilities to the maximum.


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