REVIEW: Dö ‘Den’ (EP)


Self-released EP
(January 2015)

One year on from their memorable self-titled debut, Helsinki stoner mongrels Dö are back with another EP, and this time they are angry.

Gone is the youthful frivolity of 2014, and so too the rawness in the band’s sound – 2015 is all about pounding, driving doom metal. The listener may no longer be privy to that original sense of discovery and exploration, but is more than compensated with muscular finesse and high-quality, aggressive Dööm.

This four-song release shows that Dö – who started out in 2007 – have grown and matured, and with that broadening worldliness comes a greater power and darkness. Dö are a well-oiled riff machine and their pummelling stoner guitars are accompanied by seething, blackened death metal vocals to create a glorious contradiction.

At times, such as on the song ‘Frostbites’, their music is half Black Sabbath and half black metal. On ‘The Moon Follows Us’ you can hear the echoes of classic Saint Vitus in the near distance. And, in a few places, there are examples of Metallica-esque guitar work, from catchy hooks to solid chugs.

Not that this Finnish trio have really changed all that much – the band’s sense of spiky fun still glistens amid the bluesy sludge. Dö have their own way of doing things and this EP ripples with energy and personality. On the surface, it may seem like simple stuff, but ‘Den’ is laced with thoughtful, personal touches that set it apart from the usual sludge/stoner fare. A band that stands out for all the right reasons.


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