ALBUM REVIEW: DoomLord ‘Black Testament’


‘Black Testament’
Emanes Metal Records
Released: Dec 2014

Take the theatrical majesty of early Candlemass and mix it with the leather-clad energy of Judas Priest… and then leave it to bake in the sun for a few years. The result: DoomLord.

Hailing from steamy Puerto Rico, this band plays a timeless brand of doom metal that the masters of the past would be proud of. Classic, epic, heavy as hell and almost completely devoid of modern trickery – it makes your spine tingle.

Some of the songs are English versions of tracks that appeared on DoomLord’s exciting Spanish-language split with King Heavy earlier last year. This time round, they sound a little more refined and are boosted by a brighter production.

The new songs on offer are delicious, gigantic slices of creamy doom cake. From the creative creepiness of ‘Aminam Possessionem’ to the singalong misery-fest that is ‘Death Penalty’, DoomLord constantly deliver memorable and melodic metal, complete with resplendent keyboards and choruses that soar skywards.

Vestment-clad singer Dark Nerudas falls somewhere between Solitude Aeturnus’s Rob Lowe and former Metal Church front man David Wayne, with maybe a little of Ronnie James Dio’s fist-clenching sense of drama. Nerudas’s big, charismatic vocal performance really helps to bring the music to life.

DoomLord are not quite the finished article just yet though: there are one or two moments during the album that seem little uncertain or unsteady, while a couple of the riffs veer dangerously towards being formulaic. Meanwhile, the handful of spoken-word passages might annoy some listeners. But these are truly minor concerns when set against the album’s overall quality, consistency and pure glory.

Hail the new Lords of epic doom here:

Or here:


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