REVIEW: Count Absurdo ‘The Night Of The Living Soil’ (EP)

count absurdo

‘The Night Of The Living Soil’
Released: Nov 2014

Terrifying, surprising and plain weird in equal measure, Helsinki power doom trio Count Absurdo certainly leave a memorable aftertaste.

They boast bass tones that could shatter steel, guitars that slowly flay the skin from your body, drums that sound like the echo of a thunderstorm in Hades, finely-crafted compositions and a creepy atmosphere… but all of these finer aspects of the music pale into insignificance against the insane high-pitched vocals of the opening track ‘Welcome To The Mansion’. It’s like King Diamond having a heart attack in a brothel.

‘The Night Of The Living Soil’ is a messed-up and disorientating curiosity. The three songs race by in a flash – even the super-slow and menacing nine-minute opus ‘From Dusk Till Doom’. Here, the crazy sky-scraping vocals make a reappearance, although only in the background, which is probably a blessing. Overall, all three band members contribute to the vocals, which adds to the sense of confusion.

There is not enough glue sticking everything together. The quirky elements come and go, as one moment the band focus on bluesy improv and the next they explore faster power rock. As a result, the various sections will appeal to different audiences, but some people might be distracted by the ever-shifting vibe. With absurdity comes a degree of inaccessibility, and, while Count Absurdo are undoubtedly original, it is difficult to feel a deep connection with a personality that keeps changing.

See if you can unravel the mystery here:


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