ALBUM REVIEW: Morbid Evils ‘In Hate With The Burning World’

morbid evils cover

‘In Hate With The Burning World’
Svart Records
Released: March 2015

Finnish sludge purveyors Morbid Evils hate everything. They hate the world. They hate sunshine. They hate melodies. They hate happiness. They hate each other. They hate you.

So far, so sludgy, right? You could even argue that ‘In Hate With The Burning World’ is the perfect sludge album, offering as it does absolutely no glimmer of hope, love or beauty. The only downside to such a spectacularly negative outlook, though, is that the band’s failure to allow even the narrowest shard of hope to shine through makes this relentlessly desolate, furious album seem slightly one-dimensional.

Whereas some sludge-trudgers, from Isis to Subrosa, are able to keep the listener guessing by offering elements of light that put the darkness into context, here you just know there is nothing to look forward. Nothing on the horizon, just more of the same.

The band even tell you as much: “Our aim is to create soundscapes that suck the listener into fiery sewers in which there is no hope for a future,” says Keijo Niinimaa (guitars/vocals). And in that sense, it’s mission accomplished; ‘In Hate With The Burning World’ is slow, raucous and agonised.

Morbid Evils commit heart and soul to this bleakest of world views, wilfully luxuriating in their own anguish. The levels of intensity and energy on this debut album are hugely impressive. There are also plenty of cruel, chugging riffs, such as on the powerfully bleak track ‘In Hate’ or the hideous ‘Pollute’, while the growled vocals are consistently raw and bloody.

The album’s six songs do not outstay their welcome (generally clocking in around the seven-minute mark), showing that Morbid Evils have a good understanding of how to hone their noise, making it survivable if not exactly enjoyable. Such dedication, care and expertise suggest that maybe these Finnish misery-mongers don’t hate everything after all.

What’s more, ‘In Hate With The Burning World’ is so self-consciously and absolutely uncommercial that it’s almost sure to be a winner for Svart Records. If you love music that is hopeless to the point of droning depravity, you’ll fall head over heels in hate with Morbid Evils.


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