ALBUM REVIEW: Diesel King ‘Concrete Burial’

diesel king

‘Concrete Burial’
When Planets Collide
(Released: February 2015)

British hardcore-death-sludge heavyweights Diesel King will drown you in decibels. Their full-length debut is loud, abrasive and lots of fun. If “full-length” is even an accurate description. The entire album last for less than 30 minutes, meaning an average song length of around three minutes. Not exactly stereotypical sludge, then. In fact, most sludge bands write riffs that last longer than a whole Diesel King song. Rather, this filthy five-piece play a kind of slow, sludgy death metal interspersed with rabid fast bits. ‘Concrete Burial’ is an extended heart attack, a blur of pain and palpitations.

Throughout this brief blast of doomed bedlam, there are moments of almost-buried groove as well as echoes of the mighty Entombed. Lacking the variety and cutting edge of that great Swedish band, it would not be quite right to christen Diesel King as sludge’n’roll pioneers, but they certainly do things their own way. And while their repertoire is not one of elegant sophistication, they make up for that with low-end madness that’ll turn your bones to jelly, while Mark O’Regan’s wild-eyed, vomiting growl might make you lose hope completely.

The title track is fantastically incessant, as if trying to strip every last drop of meat from your carcass, while songs like ‘Prone To Destroy’ and ‘Horror. Disgust’ are utterly enormous. There are one or two lesser moments, such as the underwhelming ‘Facesplitter’, while the numerous uptempo twists might put off some doom fans. But Diesel King have an aptitude for turning something plain and simple into something crushingly effective. Diesel King’s music is as heavy as a haemorrhage, as painful as a hammer blow to the brain – and their debut album might kill you.


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