ALBUM REVIEW: Torpor ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’


‘From Nothing Comes Everything’
Head Of Crom / Black Bow Records
(Released: February 2015)

Heavy and honest sludge entrepreneurs Torpor have unveiled a debut album that successfully merges gigantic riffs with bleak post-metal and hints of hardcore. The album’s title may be slightly obvious and its artwork over-designed, but within lurks personality and invention. ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’ is infused with a breathless, dizzying energy that courses through the band’s raging tones, even despite the repeated mood and tempo changes, to ensure that each of the album’s six songs sounds fresh and elemental.

When they hit their stride, Torpor become a fierce, clattering pain machine. The British quartet can flatten cities with their gloriously interweaving guitars, crippling drums and multiple vocal styles. Nowhere is this deadly combination more evident than at the beginning and ending of ‘Surrender To The Light’, although the song’s middle section is a little less exciting. There are many highlights to be discovered on this interesting and sometimes provocative release, including the shuddering heaviness of ‘Abandon’ and the twisting, evil riffs of ‘Everything We Left Behind’.

But where Torpor’s personality really shines through is during the passages where post-hardcore elements fizz and froth to the fore. ‘As Waves Crash’, for example, may temporarily elbow aside the sludgy bleakness, but it is undoubtedly a standout track because it feels new, intense and memorable. Over the last couple of years, Torpor having been doing the rounds with the likes of Conan and Bast, demolishing gloomy venues around the UK. Torpor, thankfully, offer something a little bit different and they have the creativity and quality to stand out. They are not yet consistently distinctive enough to be challenging for the British sludge crown, but ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’ finds a young band exploring new ways to brutalise.


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