REVIEW: Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard ‘Nachthexen’ (EP)


Released: February 2015

It’s safe to say that Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard (hereafter referred to as MWWB) do not take themselves too seriously.

“We are the ideal soundtrack to you next intergalactic voyage or black hole exploration,” they announce, warning that while listening to their music “you may have difficulty focusing.”

But the Welsh band’s comical monicker and frivolous stoner patter belie the genuine menace and magnificence of this synth-soaked cosmic doom opus.

‘Nachthexen’ is a 30-minute song of killer psychedelic riffage that draws on the mightiest influences (Sabbath, Sleep, Cathedral) and then launches into outer space like a bong-powered sludge rocket.

During the opening few minutes, otherworldly female vocals decorate the air like intergalactic butterflies, while swirling guitars pummel and pound like the engines of Apollo 11, the bass rumbles like last night’s curry and the drums course like electricity. Too many dumb similes? Who cares, this is awesome!

Despite the band’s light-hearted warning, there is no danger of losing focus while MWWB are doing their stuff. This is a dynamic, relentlessly entertaining riffathon that demands your full attention and maintains it throughout the entire duration of the kaleidoscopic track.

Riff after riff, MWWB’s creative juices explode from the speakers and ‘Nachthexen’ twists, turns, trundles, reinvents, pauses for breath, goes again, generating a phenomenal amount of groove, gravity and cheer enjoyment.

It would’ve been great to have Jessica Balls’s dreamy voice woven through more of the music, but regardless, this is a gem of spaced-out doom metal. The band refers to their tunes as “colossal interstellar arias” and while they might be kidding around, it’s a definition that fits perfectly.

Don’t miss out. Limited magnetic tapes available in the Spring.


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