ALBUM REVIEW: Doomraiser ‘Reverse’


‘Reverse (Passaggio Inverso)’
BloodRock Records
(Released: January 2015)

Doomraiser have brought all of their considerable experience and craftsmanship to bear on their fantastic fourth full-length release. This is melody and muscle from Italy’s Eternal City and the band, who have been in existence for more than a decade, successfully combine excellent epic doom with good old metal chugging and more aggressive elements.

It’s an updated and sinister version of Solitude Aeturnus or early Paradise Lost – modern, mean and free of nostalgia. With its bombastic synths and thundering crescendos, ‘Reverse (Passaggio Inverso)’ is unapologetically epic and powerful, but yet the music remains grounded and honest, a fistful of worldly suffering. Doomraiser create a sometimes brilliant balance of oh-my-god-we’re-all-gonna-die, and what-the-hell-we’re-all-gonna-die – bold magnificence in the face of desolation.

One or two of the songs are slightly longer than they probably need to be, and perhaps wear a little thin as they plod on. But generally this is an impressively consistent album that’s packed with top-quality doom riffs and stunning vocal melodies. Singer Nicola ‘Cynar’ Rossi (male) expertly balances rough-edged verses with soaring, cathartic choruses. On a couple of occasions, in their grizzliest moments, Doomraiser begin to veer towards rumbling death-doom, but they always pull back before becoming genuinely ferocious, preferring the more thoughtful, melancholic atmospheres afforded by the epic style.

‘Mirror Of Pain’ is one of the standout tracks, with its chugging riffs, colossal chorus and irresistible, miserable groove. ‘Dio Inverso’ blossoms into a towering giant of a song, while ‘In Winter’ is a slow, simple and spectacular doom opus. Mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson, ‘Reverse’ is an album of quality, power and charm from a band that is the master of its art. Anyone who thought epic doom was a matter of history should pay heed to these Italian maestros, who have one foot firmly planted in the glorious past and the other raised to kick you in the face. Enjoy the suffering.


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