REVIEW: Leechfeast / Meth Drinker (Split)


Split 12″
Dry Cough Records / Raw Birth Records
(Released May 2015)

Listening to Leechfeast is about as much fun as smoking a dog turd: it’s filthy, sickening, abhorrent, inhuman. This offering of slow, down-tuned Slovenian sludge is also gently hypnotising with its turgid tones and solemn vocals. The band’s breathtaking bleakness is kind of beautiful.

And then along come Meth Drinker, and you start reminiscing about that dog turd, thinking maybe it wasn’t so nasty after all. Because Meth Drinker’s input into this split 12″ from Dry Cough is utterly soul-destroying. The New Zealanders’ agonising aural sewage is likely to ruin your day, but equally it might renew your faith in sludge.

It all adds up to an impressively horrendous 20 minutes of musical mutilation and torture. The kind of release that’s probably illegal in some territories for fear of the damage it might do to impressionable young minds. At the very least, this’ll mess up your brain for a little while, leaving you dazed and morose.

Neither of these bands is out to change the world, but they offer a fine example of the power of sludge to emotionally cripple you while painstakingly pummelling your ears into a frothing pulp.


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