ALBUM REVIEW: Nightslug ‘Loathe’

Broken Limbs / Dry Cough / Lost Pilgrim Records (June 2015)

Does life have to be so horrible? Can’t we all just smile and laugh and listen to David Guetta songs while pretending that the sun always shines??? No, we can’t. And Nightslug are here to remind us, in no uncertain terms, that everything in the universe is shit.

This German sludge trio might bear a name that’ll put a grin on your lips, but thereafter everything becomes serious. Intensely serious. ‘Loathe’ is heavier than an anvil sandwich; it’s heavier than Angela Merkel’s briefcase. This ferocious album is so abrasive that it’ll turn your ear holes into a raw, bloody mess and then urinate into your brain.

Amongst the seven, snarling tracks on offer are some lumbering, plague-ridden monstrosities (including the immense ‘Disease’), some faster-paced blasts of repulsive noise (for example, ‘Under A Bane’) and a few sparse phlegm-balls of weirdness (‘Pure’).

And then, abruptly, it’s all over, and you might find yourself staring at the wall, shaking, or vomiting into a bucket, disgusted with life, disgusted with yourself, and most of all disgusted with Nightslug for injecting their bile into your mind.

But remember, these German sludge bastards are doing you a favour. Thanks Nightslug!

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