ALBUM REVIEW: Sea Witch ‘The Blackened Sea’

‘The Blackened Sea’
Self-released (April 2015)

Sea Witch, a two-piece from Nova Scotia, Canada, create slow, atmospheric blackened doom of a decidedly wet persuasion. ‘The Blackened Sea’ is a droning, instrumental funeral procession, a dark and terrifying voyage across an unfeeling ocean. This is the kind of music that blue whales listen when they are feeling particularly blue.

Sea Witch’s shuddering bass might reduce your house to rubble. It’s so heavy it makes the oceans quiver and jellyfish explode. Cymbals crash like mighty waves against immovable rocks, while tremolo picking adds a sinister sparkle and tension to the sheer weight of the riffs. And the lack of words serves to emphasise the vast loneliness of the ocean and keep safe its dark secrets. Only the occasional glimpse of an accordion offers any hint of humanity amid the soggy wilderness.

Suffice to say that Sea Witch’s songs are not overly complicated. But they are more subtle than simple, and almost always fascinating, which is quite an accomplishment given the pace at which they crawl. This Nova Scotia duo create a stunning soundscape, with tracks such as ‘Down With The Ship’ and ‘Call Of The Leviathan’ breathtaking in their calm desolation.

This is the third release from these master of the waves, and it’s a belter. There’s not a huge amount of nautical doom out there, with Ahab being perhaps the genre’s defining name, but these able seamen have certainly raised their flag, upped anchor and set sail for great doom metal dead ahead.

Abandon ship all ye who enter here!


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