REVIEW: My Lament ‘Sorrow’ (EP)


Solitude Productions (2015)

This five-track EP from Belgium’s My Lament contains some blissfully beautiful and bold moments. The follow-up to 2009’s debut album ‘Broken Leaf’, it sees the band – which has been in and out of existence since 2002 – in potent creative form.

My Lament create atmospheric and overtly emotional death-doom that has the power to turn your heart to ice. Generally slow, mournful and thoughtful, these Belgians also throw in some flashes of black metal fury. Clean vocals also make an occasional appearance, although with this style competing against the blackened rasp and the regular death growls, things can gets more bewildering than intoxicating.

The band seem determined to pour as much of themselves into each track as possible. The end result is that within each song there are elements that work really well, and also some that feel embryonic or unnecessary. Too often, songs seem unwilling to settle or unfold – and the EP can feel more like a series of creative moments rather than a complete and fulfilling whole.

The song ‘Night’, for example, starts off like it might develop into a mighty doom metal epic, but then takes a few sideways steps rather than building momentum towards a soul-flattening climax.

My Lament’s intimate poems of suffering and sadness are fascinating and surprising in many ways – you certainly never know what is coming next. Should they choose to smooth out their arrangements a little, then their heartfelt and engrossing death-doom might become considerably more accessible.

Listen here:


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