ALBUM REVIEW: O.D.R.A. ‘Sexnarkoman’

BSFD Records, 2015

“Maybe this is not pure original music, but it’s true and full of rage.”

And in that moment of honesty and clarity, this Polish sludge crew elegantly summarise a wonderfully noisy and highly-energised album that’ll make you feel good about feeling like shit.

No, O.D.R.A’s music is not always unique, but nevertheless, ‘Sexnarkoman’ is a thorough convincing and enjoyable romp of bluesy punk-doom that rips the room to shreds.

The Slavic language makes the lyrical content accessible to none but a lucky few, but regardless of that barrier, the passion shine through like a police searchlight into your retina. Don’t expect sophisticated, drawn-out compositions or epic, catchy choruses – this band is in a hurry to drown you in pain.

O.D.R.A. stomp ferociously through a swamp of pain, telling ancient stories of the old Silesia region of Europe / Poland in a raw and wild-eyed style. The Polish band’s take on sludge metal is succinct and angry – the kind of barely-controlled rage that is a beautiful blast from the past. And it’s not just about honouring the past – ‘Sexnarkoman’ really gets into your face in the hear and now.

Underlying the sweat and fury is a warm, bluesy groove that binds the album together like glue. There is heart and soul behind the slow, crunching riffs and thrash power. Get drunk, get angry and listen to ‘Sexnarkoman’ – it will enrich your life.


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