ALBUM REVIEW: Plagueprayer ‘Forgotten Witchery’

‘Forgotten Witchery’
GSP Music, May 2015

Creepier than a zombie centipede and slower than an arthritic sloth, Plagueprayer is a “horror funeral doom” solo project by Aimeric, whose work as Abysmal Growls Of Despair is equally horrifying.

As a bleak, haunting and deeply personal examination of suffering, listening to this album is like reading the diary of a suicidal vampire – you know you shouldn’t do it, but the ghoulish temptation is way too strong to resist.

So welcome to 50+ minutes of glacial emptiness and desolation. The music – when it appears amidst the plaintive, sorrowful synths – is agonisingly slow and patient. And yet there is invention to be found, occasional diamonds in the darkness, where melody and beauty appear tantalisingly close before disappearing into gloom once more.

This soundtrack to depression is hardly rewarding. The delightfully dark keyboards offer hope, but time and again the misery overwhelms them, and life’s daily terror and torment engulfs us. At times, Plagueprayer’s guitar tones sound like they are crawling into your skull and might lie there eternally.

So check this out, but tread carefully.

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