REVIEW: Major Kong ‘Galactic Cannibalism’ (EP)

‘Galactic Cannibalism’
Self-released (December 2015)

Poland’s Major Kong have been around for five years or so, and the instrumental trio’s winning brand of viciously loveable stoner doom is rarely anything less than hypnotising.

Bubbling with ideas and glowering with dark menace, their latest release, the EP ‘Galactic Cannibalism’, comes almost two years after the excellent ‘Doom Machine’. What’s changed? What’s new? Well, nothing really – this is just more of the same, and thank God for that!

Major Kong don’t look like running out of phenomenally mighty riffs just yet, and their passion for fuzzy heaviness remains undimmed. From the uplifting opening moments of ‘Supercluster’, this EP offers 25 minutes of wordless stoner bliss.

The final track ‘Magnetar’ sees the trio temporarily heading towards slightly more Soundgarden-ish, progressive territory before exploring a slowed-down path of misery, in what is a slight departure from their usual high-energy output. But it works really well, and, just when the listener begins to yearn for a change of mood, these wise Poles oblige with some enormous groove.

Marvellous, molten metal.


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