REVIEW: Nest ‘Nest’ (EP)

(Tribunal Of The Axe Records, January 2016)

Nest vomit out some primitive, economical sludge doom that will eat through your flesh and bones and turn you into a puddle of happy jelly on the cold, concrete floor.

Not to be confused with the crusty US doom duo of the same name, the band was founded by Swedish brothers Frederik and Jonas Husborn in 2011 (with Dave Terror on drums). Their shared punk and death metal influences help to maintain a high level of raw energy, ensuing that the songs always sound vivid and fully-charged.

Thunderous opening track ‘Born Against’ is a hard-hitting sludgy wonder, although it drags its feet a little towards the end, losing some of the initial impact. ‘Under The Sword’, with its memorable chorus, is perhaps the most striking of the five songs on offer. And, after 30-plus minutes of soul-sapping anguish, the EP’s closing song ‘Shrinewizard’ offers a meagre slice of comfort through the gentle groove of its central riff.

Apparently, the Tribunal Of The Axe record label was created in order to release a vinyl version of the CD the band had produced, by a friend who had been impressed by the seething bedlam that Nest emit.

Overall, Nest rely too heavily on the ferocity coursing through their strings, and one or two of the songs on this sturdy self-titled debut would benefit from an injection of musical variety and creative enterprise.


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